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Customer Loyalty Program

The easiest way to grow your customers is not to lose them

The average business loses around 20 percent of its customers annually simply by failing to attend to customer relationships. In some industries this leakage is as high as 80 percent. The cost, in either case, is staggering, but few businesses truly understand the implications.

At Dust Value, we believe in keeping customer engagement using loyalty programs. The secret is to Communicate, Sell, Reciprocate, Support and retain Loyalty. We strive to keep a constant ongoing channel for your clients to help retain the existing customer, bring back the old sheep, using various programs and surveys' as listed below.

  • CRM Systems
  • Magic Moments
  • Overcome Buyers Remorse
  • Personal Touches
  • Premiums and Gifts
  • Questionnaires and Surveys
  • Regular Reviews
  • Social Media
  • Welcome Book