About Us


Dust Value is one of the leading Direct Marketing service providers in India, which was incorporated by combining our passion for business, wide experience and flair for Information Technology

Our aim is to connect global strategies through local business needs and goals. The best strategies start with defined business outcomes and are driven by simple human truths. Our strategic thinking is developed through a deep respect for melding quantitative and qualitative knowledge.

We understand that a properly executed strategy can be leveraged to support an organization’s strategic vision, incorporated into a company’s marketing plan, or used to build networks and client loyalty. No matter the size of scale of your project, it will be treated with the same attention to detail. Dust Value deliver appropriate, innovative and cost effective event services and solutions, without compromising on the final result.

At Dust Value, we put your organization first. We understand your business, we focus on your challenges we incorporate with the best in technology and provide services customized service to support your goals.

With Dust Value, the emphasis is on customer service. Dust Value provides customer relationship marketing (CRM) services with a focus on contact centre support. Among Dust Value services are inbound and outbound call support, mail, e-mail, and web chat. The company also offers loyalty marketing programs and customer satisfaction tracking.



  • Setup assistance and enhancement of your direct sales business, such as through product development, DM and ad production, and distribution.
  • Introduction to DM
  • Assistance in operating program for acquiring new customers.
  • Formulating attractive offers designed to acquire customers and assistance in communicating with customers.
  • Execution of customer-retention/increase program, loyalty program, CRM.
  • Introduction to customer analysis and assistance in establishing response prediction models.
  • Introduction to database marketing
  • Assistance in generating and obtaining effective customer lists
  • Database creation and management.
  • Production of a diverse range of direct mail and advertisements.
  • Planning for long-term DM projects.
  • And more!


Our clients include Large Corporates in FMCG, Information Technology, Industrial and Wellness Centre, Member Associations. Each of these organizations has a unique set of business goals and challenges, and has chosen Dust Value because we understand the business of running events.

Dust Value serves a variety of industries, from information technology, telecommunications, FMCG, industrial solutions, financial services to automotive.